Want to get away to some affordable warm weather? Want a safe place to be able to just chill out and listen to the waves roll in

Europe:  Frankfurt am Main:

Why?   The bustling city in the heart of Europe, is a vibrant and multicultural metropolis. The recently opened “New Old Town”, in the middle of the historic city center is only one highlight

Cruising:  Cunard Line

Want to experience an opportunity of a lifetime?  Sail the Queens.  With over 178 years of cruises on the high seas, Cunard is a wonder to experience. 

Experience Singapore

Enchanted Singapore programs designed for you to get the most of your visit to Singapore. The Inspiring Singapore private journey features the diverse culture of Singapore and immerses you in Singaporean history and royalty. We’ll also introduce you to the city state’s many sites, the diverse cultural scenes and Singapore’s incredibly diverse range of dining options from Michelin rated restaurants to Hawker Centers; made-famous-by the “Crazy Rich Asians” film and an overview of new hotel openings in Singapore.

Explore this dynamic, cutting edge yet historical and charming city with programs that will leave you breathless.

Scenic Rail?

Have you really seen the Rocky’s?   Rocky Mountaineer has a scenic rail trip through some of the most incredible parts of the Rocky mountains which should be on that list.  Many people consider a trip on Rocky Mountaineer a "must do" experience.

Long Term (or not):  some areas to think about. 

Near term: Tired of the Cold?

Caribbean or South Pacific!  Sounds nice?

Inland US Waterways

Want something different?  Want to see the US without having to check in and out of hotel rooms?  Tired of feeling like you’re in a cattle car flying around but not having a chance to really enjoy what you’re seeing? 
Try a river cruise!

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There are short cruises and long cruises depending on the time you have.   River cruising is not a race!    Some folks that want to ‘chill out’ after being in long periods of stress so they want to just breathe easy, sit back let someone else do the ‘driving’.  They want to feel like they can come off the clock and not have to go ‘climb a wall’ to insure they get the value of their trip.  They want feel that they are not missing out on something so they put themselves on a river cruise for companionship and the sights.  The obvious routes are Mississippi River region, Southeast, Northeast, Pacific Northwest, and Alaska.